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At Sermavica, we thrive at being the bridge on both sides of the workforce, creating solutions for the employer and opportunities for a better quality life for the employee.

For almost two decades, we have been focusing to solve the issue of short and long-term staffing needs for both employer and worker.

We have a wide variety of solutions to solve your labor needs, let’s talk today to begin to ease your burden of sourcing quality working staff.

Our Services

Sermavica, offers different ways to completely optimize your entire recruiting process.

We will find the best fitting candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.


The basic objective is to take the products from the manufacturer and pack them with the company’s own brand. In the repacking area, we work with a strict compliance of quality control, hygiene, safety and performance standards.


The basic objective is to keep records and control the inventory of finished products under strict quality control.


The basic objective of this position is to segregate and palletize packed boxes onto pallets in accordance to established specifications.

The employees working as stackers have the main function of stacking boxes with products one on top of the other with an approximate weight of 25 to 50 LBS. The correct loading of the pallets is essential to avoid the goods from collapsing.

Forklifts Drivers

The main objective is the transfer of materials and/or products over short or long distances, heavy goods are transported to and from places of difficult access.

About Us

Our Values

Sermavica offers a way to completely optimize your entire recruiting process. Find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Our Vision

We are strategic in the recruitment, selection and administration of personnel, contributing to the development and growth of our client companies.

What we do for our customers

Our workforce is pre-screened to ensure legality, compliance, capability, eligibility and attitude; We perform:

A Winning Team

Your job offers will be filled first with authorized workers within the United States of America. They will also be workers who have all their credentials in order, who possess a high sense of commitment and motivation to your company. You can rely on us to solve your personnel needs now and in the future. Our loyal commitment is to grow and drive your business to the top.


The leading staffing agency in Gainesville for recruitment, selection and management of personnel.

Our Clients

We are proud to share with you some of our portfolio of satisfied customers.

SERMAVICA represents for our company an essential ally for our operations in terms of food processing (chicken), offers us personnel of high human quality, with or without experience but always willing to give us the best of their skills.

We at Trilogy Foods LLC have found a commercial strategist for our business that provides us with excellent staffing service, making sure to meet all the requirements we require when choosing a worker, for the area we require.

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